America’s Walking Stick

S ince 1984, Whistle Creek has been your “always in stock stick store”, providing you with US Made walking sticks and unique outdoor products. Our “Success Guarantee” – You tell us we offer the “cream of the crop” in walking sticks. That's why we offer our “Success Guarantee” – “If for any reason you wish to return or replace one of our products, we’ll buy it back, no questions asked!” (see order form for details)

Join Thousands of Retailers Nationwide, including Sporting Goods, Apparel, Hardware, Gift Shops, Museums, Book Park Concessions, Campgrounds, Boy Scout Council Shops, Garden Centers, Birding Stores, Travel Stores, Visitor Centers, Resorts, Lodges, B&B’s, Restaurant Gift Shops, Catalog Retailers, Membership Organizations, Specialty Shops and more.

“We Have An Assortment for That” - We hope you’ll discover how a display of Whistle Creek products can become one of the “Most Profitable Square Feet” in your store! Most retailers begin with our display stand and one of our assortments, often adding single styles to personalize it, then re-order the best sellers to keep their display stand full.

Professional Products – Each Whistle Creek stick comes to you with a descriptive hang-tag (UPC), leather wrist strap, and long-life rubber tip. We provide replacement parts on request to keep your merchandise fresh and always ready to sell.

Promotions, Premiums and Name-Drops Call us about customizing your sticks for special events or to provide a unique presentation. For example, we can attach a laser etched leather fob, or even laser engrave a chrome knob handle.

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